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Beyond Gardening

posted Oct 2, 2008, 3:12 PM by Garden Blogger   [ updated Oct 2, 2008, 3:29 PM ]
From time to time I'll solicit comments from the garden blogging community at large. Check this area frequently as I'll pose questions here. Everyone is  invited to submit your thoughts on the subject and you can submit to all topics if you like.

The current topic is about how you feel about garden blogs that stray away from gardening. When sending in your email please include the following:

Subject: "Beyond Gardening" should be in the subject line of your e-mail too me.
Answer the following in as many words as you'd like:  How do you feel about garden blogs that also talk about non-gardening related topics like; personal life, politics, religion, pets etc.
Your Name: What the name you want me to attribute your comment to if I post it.
Your URL: a link to your blog so I can add it below your comment. You can submit anonymously if you like but this is a good way to build links to your blog.
Deadline: November 15th 2008